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Establishment History:

The department was established in 1995. The undergraduate program was firstly established in 1995 to meet the need of providing technicians and engineers to public and private sectors. The master program was founded in 1997 to upgrade the academic level of the construction industry. After a stretch of two years the part-time master program and doctoral degree program in construction engineering section of institute of the engineering technology has been established in the department in 2000 and 2001 respectively.

Current Situation:

Currently there are 560 students and 17 faculty members in the department, (including undergraduate and Graduate school). Undergraduate school focuses on general engineering education. Graduate school is divided into 4 specific programs: Structural Engineering, Construction Management, Geotechnical Engineering, Architecture and Building Technology.


The aim of the Department is to offer students the professional skills needed in the fields of construction engineering and construction management.

  1. Training for Professional Construction Engineers with both Strong Theoretical and Practical Knowledge
  2. Construction Management
  3. Diagnosis, Monitor and Maintenance for Infrastructure
  4. Research on Earthquake Related Topics and Advanced Seismic Resistance Technology
  5. Development of New Material and Construction Method

Education Goals:

  1. Combination of Theory and Experiment 
  2. Education for Professional Civil Engineers with International View
  3. Training for Equipment of Humanity and Morality

Faculty Members:

Seventeen faculty members all with Ph.D. degree from various well- known universities in the world including Taiwan, USA, Japan, and more than average 6 years industrial experiences specializes in Structural Engineering, Construction Management, Geotechnical Engineering, and Architecture and Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.


There are four specific programs in this department currently.

  1. Structural Engineering 
  2. Construction Management
  3. Geotechnical Engineering
  4. Architecture and Building Technology


Courses involving programs in 4 major divisions

  1. Diversified compulsory and selective courses for students.
  2. Each class provides class introduction and outlines for the students .
  3. Training on second and third language ability.
  4. General education for adopting humanity and morality


Currently there are 8 laboratories, one research center in this department:

  Material Lab., Concrete Lab., Seismic Disaster Prevention Lab., Computer Room, Structure Analysis and Design Lab., Soil and Rock Mechanics Lab., Nondestructive Evaluation Lab., Building Environment Lab..

Lab Facilities:

  Seismic Disaster Prevention Laboratory

◎3x3m seismic simulation shaking table

◎25ton dynamic hydraulic actuator

◎100ton hydraulic actuator, 2 sets

◎Reaction frames for large-scale structural test

◎10m-height reaction wall and strong floor

◎Multi-channel dynamic data acquisition system

◎Hydraulic pump and control system

◎1.5x1m small-scale seismic simulation shaking table

  Construction Materials Laboratory

◎Universal Testing Machine (200-Ton)

◎Digital Image Measuring and? Processing System

  Engineering Inspection and Analysis Laboratory

◎Impact-echo Meter

◎Rebound-number Meter

◎Ultrasonic Detector for Concrete 

◎Rebar Radiography-measuring Meter

  Building Environment Laboratory

◎Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

◎Ultrasonic Flowmeter

◎Thermal Conductivity Measuring Apparatus

◎Weather Observation Station

◎Physical Environment Measuring Apparatus

  Soil and Rock Mechanics Laboratory

◎Multi-Purpose Dynamic Tri-axial Test

◎Automated Static Tri-axial Test

◎One Dimensional Consolidation Test

◎Permeability Test


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